the megaphone project

the team

The Megaphone Project is a group of Australian award-winning performers, composers and new media artists, with an ongoing interest in collaborative, cross art-form practice. Created and directed by core artists Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, in collaboration with Jesse Stevens and David Wells and a wider circle of associate artists around the world, the company like to collaborate with local artists in the presentation of the installation where possible.

Madeleine and Tim are Australian sound / music artists, whose practice investigates sound in space through film, theatre, dance,public art and installation. Jesse Stevens is one half of Cake Industries, a leading-edge technology consulting company that specialises in open-source(Linux). David Wells (performer/choreographer) has worked extensively as a performance artist in Australia and overseas with physical theatre company Born in a Taxi and in The Urban Dream Capsule.

Our thanks also go to the many artist attendants that have worked with The Megaphone Project throughout its lifetime, including: Sally Smith, Sam McGilp, Merophie Carr, Eliana Horn, Winnie McQuinn, Adam Sutardy, Alex Ben-Mayor, Nicky Forster, Carolyn Connors, Tom Davies, Dean Petersen and Jessica Devereux.