the megaphone project

Awesome Arts Festival

November 2007, Perth

Awesome Arts Festival wasan incredibly supportive and interested Festival team, who were very interested in the megaphone project, and commissioned us to make more megaphones in order to install in two sites.

The initial install site was in Forrest Place, and the second was around the Library area. These two spaces were quite separate. The Awesome Team decided to use the megaphone as the symbol of
the Festival, and so all staff were walking around with megaphone t-shirts.

We learnt a great deal about space, heat and crowd flow during this install. It was a hot November on concrete in Forrest Place- many school groups came down to the megaphones, which were installed next to Pen Plan Paris. By lunchtime, however, it was so hot in the Place that no humans wanted to walk through, and the gear started to suffer. We learnt the importance of opening up the space to crowd flow here.