the megaphone project

Big West inhabitation As part of the Big West Festival 2011 VENUE: Various locations including Heavenly Queen, Little Saigon and the Maribyrnong River . Also appearing at Little West #2. DATES: Sun 20 Nov – Sat 26 Nov TICKETS: FREE

Day 1 The River Lawn at Footscray Community Arts Centre Artists: Clem Baade, David Parker, Moses Carr Wells, Merophie Carr, David Wells, Katie Lockett, Jesse Stevens, Dean Petersen, Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey A beautiful Melbourne Spring day, with a backdrop of the city. Passing bikes, trains, boats and a steady stream of families running and rolling down the grass. A great start to the weeks inhabitation, with old and new team members.

Day 2, Stony Creek Backwash  and Little Saigon Market. Artists: Madeleine Flynn, Tim Humphrey and David Wells Stony Creek Backwash near the Westgate, with solo bike riders, and a steady run of trucks. Then, lunchtime at Little Saigon Market, with lots of friendly faces and fruit and vegies, and the most incredible egg tarts from the Vietnamese bakery.

A day ranging from the vehicular to the human, and thoughts of the acoustic ecology of our built environment.

Day 3, Yarraville West Oval, Primary school lunchtime. Artists; David Wells, Merophie Carr, Tim Humphrey.

An explosion of excitement as the entire school waited behind the fence for the bell to go.

Day 4, The river walk outside Heavenly Queen, the Nicholson St Mall. Artists: Jesse Stevens, Dean Petersen, Madeleine Flynn, Tim Humphrey, David Wells. Time lapse footage:

From Buddha to the blue uniforms. Questions arise about who do these spaces belong to?

Day 5, Ted Whitten Oval and the Footscray Cemetery: Artists: David Wells, Rosie Carr Wells.

Accidental artistic trajectories.

Day 6, Spotswood Primary School. Artists: Madeleine Flynn, Tim Humphrey, David Wells, Merophie Carr.

In their playground, during games of Observation Ball.