the megaphone project

LEAF Festival Residency Asheville North Carolina, USA May 2013

A two week residency throughout the region of Asheville with LEAF Schools and Streets program, and extended sites, finally arriving at the iconic Black Mountain College site for the LEAF Festival.

Produced by Lauren and Russ Snelling.

This residency was one of those extraordinary combinations of contemporary practice, openness and resonance of site. This residency was brought to life by the incredible insights and talents of our producers, Lauren and Russ Snelling.

Communities and sites involved in this residency include:

Vance Elementary School

Wesley Grant Centre

Owen Middle School The school took on the theme of a Museum of Sound leading into our visit: we incorporated recordings made by incredible teacher Bill Feste, with the students, into our ongoing megaphone archive.

Black Mountain Blue to Black Art Weekend

Big Love

LEAF Festival, Black Mountain College

An extraordinary collaborative team drawn together by Lauren and Russ. Stay tuned for some more written thoughts on this site and installation.

Company: Madeleine Flynn, Tim Humphrey, David Wells, Winnie McQuinn and the communities of Asheville.

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