the megaphone project

Out of the box festival

The three- week extended season at the State Library of Queensland was a fantastic opportunity for us as upwards of 15,000 people of all ages did just about all that was possible with the installation.

The frenetic pace of the Out of the Box Festival gave way to a more reflective and sustained experience during the School Holiday season, when we felt that there were times when the project worked fully as we had imagined, with an ambiguous combination of electronic and acoustic ephemeral voices drifting through the State Library surrounds.

Highlights included grandpa lying down with his grandchildren under the curly megaphone, the dance party group of teenagers at one end of a big megaphone that contained their MP3 player and the small girl who fell asleep inside another big megaphone.

Thanks to all the staff, casual and permanent at the State Library who have us so much support.